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Health-A-Pedia, From Best Selling Book To 3-Day Live Health-A-Pedia Symposium & Retreat

Dr. Jo Dee Baer & Dr. James Marinakis created a once in a lifetime 3-Day LIVE “Health-A-Pedia” symposium and retreat based on the principles taught in the book “Health-a-Pedia: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together in Foundational Health.”

3-Day LIVE “Health-A-Pedia” Symposium & Retreat in Boca Raton, FL on Feb 22-24, 2024, located at the Wyndham Hotel & The Farmer’s Table Organic Restaurant, 1950 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL

The host, Dr. Jo Dee Baer, a 23-year stage 4 cancer survivor and founder of the highly recognized Health-A-Pedia Show with over 4-decades as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist whose 30,000 clients have lost over 1,100,000 lbs. of toxic fat and 3,000 clients have been assisted in their health, post-pandemic is eager to share the exciting news that she will host a 3-day live” Health-A-Pedi” symposium and retreat! Based upon the internationally acclaimed book” Health-a-Pedia: Putting Together the Pieces of Foundational Health,” This event will be held in February 2024 and will feature speakers, authors, and the Elite Group of World Changers.

This event is sponsored by LiveFreely Proactive Aging, PPI (Personal Performance Institute), Medical Mindshare, GravityBall, Roper Health Oasis, and Vibra360.

Dr. Jo Dee Baer describes how the seeds of the Health-a-Pedia movement took root in 1984 while Dr. Jo Dee was being mentored by the pioneer in Natural Health, Dr. Hulda Clark, and experiencing her life-changing practices and protocols. A goal card was written and dated: “I will write the Eastern Medical Version of the PDR Physicians’ Desk Reference). Now, The Universe has delivered a sign to actualize this goal, creating the law of attraction in action for a serendipitous collaboration with the Iconic 20th and 21st Century Icon, Dr. Bernie Siegel MD, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles. Along with these 40 extraordinary world-changers who will motivate, educate, inspire, and propel other people along their path to Wholeness, Wellness, and Abundance”.

Dr. Jo Dee says, “Our collective wish for you is to experience Health-a-Pedia consistently within the dawn of each new day. May your ongoing daily revelations and miracles unfold. Each author desires that through this Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Practice of the Six Pillars of Health within human existence, everyone will unearth their wholeness in health. believing that their daily individual transformations become such a part of others and their health journey, and so resultantly frequent and abundant, whereby everyone’s realization to acknowledge them is: “Of Course.” These recurring epiphanies arise from within everybody’s lives so that they stay On Course.”

This past September 2023, the book “Health-a-Pedia: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together in Foundational Health” hit Amazon Best Seller status in a mere 6.5 hours across all 13 countries Amazon serves! The book is moving toward New York Times Best Seller Status by July 2024. It is being recognized by Google and over 350+ digital websites, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox Partners—as well as premium TV and Radio Stations, Newspapers, and Financial and Trade Periodicals.

Since its launch on Amazon, the masses have embraced these practices because the time is right now! People can be a part of this personal journey for their health by implementing core pieces together in a health experience.

To learn more about Health-a-Pedia and how to be a part of this movement, go to

Dr. James Marinakis, ND, HMD, Ac Phys – Event Facilitator
Worldwide leader in this field, treating over 35,000 people over ten years. Discover why he changed his focus from treatment to teaching the secrets of life, how he put himself through this process, and how he found the missing link to the chain of life. Don’t just get healthy. Stay healthy as long as a person can. Everybody will learn how to use all five aspects of life that keep people alive and cause them to flourish. Learn how world champions used these living skills to set new world records. Align themselves with the circadian rhythms of the universe that regulate all things and learn how to incorporate the process into daily life, giving the vital energy needed to cycle through the emotions that cause disease. Describes “The Process” that people can experience at the Health-A-Pedia Florida event

Dr. Jo Dee encourages everyone to these 3-days of integrative and complete health education & empowerment with the Expertise of the “Health-A-Pedia” Author/Speaker/Facilitator! Experience daily morning walking & yoga, interactive participation, panel discussions, and giving everyone their personalized Epiphany of Health! All these incredible people long to be together in person to feel the collective energy, and the time is ripe to capture the essence of proper health”.

The following household names will join her at the event in Boca in Six Pillar Health that is in the book.
• Dr. Bernie Siegel: Spiritual– Virtual
• Kimberly Meredith: Spiritual
• Dr. Jim Marinakis: Physical
• Rex Sikes and Jamie Kerr: Mental
• Dr. Gary Sanchez: Emotional
• Serena Brown-Travis: Social
• Dame Doria Cordova: Financial

The 3-Day Ticket Includes:
• Daily morning walking and yoga
• Interactive participation & panel discussions with the “Health-A-Pedia” experts
• Friday & Saturday breakfast & lunch meals
• Semi-formal buffet Dinner and Evening of Health Excellence event
Upgrades can be added by purchasing the Exclusive VIP Experience to attend the VIP.

For all the Event Details, Ticket Registration, and Sponsorships, please visit

Join them. Choose Energy, Vitality, and Longevity. from this 3-Day LIVE Health-A-Pedi Symposium & Retreat!

To learn more about Dr. Jo Dee Baer, Ph.D., “America’s Top Foundational Health Coach,” or order any of Dr. JoDee’s books at To reach her, call 1-800-852-0584 or Cell 678-522-3757. To schedule an appointment, go to

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