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How Iteris (NASDAQ: ITI) And AI Are Enabling The Connected Transportation Network Of The Future

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By Austin DeNoce, Benzinga

Imagine a world where traffic flows smoothly, accidents are rare and sustainability is a priority. This is the vision of Iteris Inc. (NASDAQ: ITI), a pioneer in smart mobility infrastructure management. Leveraging advanced technologies like machine learning, cloud computing and advanced sensors, Iteris is helping transform transportation through AI-powered transportation networks that are boosting safety and efficiency.

Innovative AI Solutions

Current transportation technology often operates in silos, relying on outdated methods, but Iteris is confronting these challenges head-on by integrating infrastructure with vehicle technology. The company envisions a world where cloud infrastructure communicates with Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) through cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) communication. This isn't a sci-fi scenario – it's the reality Iteris is helping to create.

Iteris’s AI tools are used to help predict and manage traffic flow and enable infrastructure-to-vehicle communication for increased safety. Its innovations allow for a real-time, data-driven approach to transportation that shifts management decisions from reactive to proactive with its predictive capabilities. In other words, its AI is used to predict and prevent crashes and streamline processes like road maintenance and travel time.

Iteris’s ClearMobility Platform

Enter the ClearMobility Platform, Iteris's comprehensive transportation solution. This platform employs AI tools like Machine Learning (ML), Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) to manage and validate a diverse array of mobility data. The platform aggregates mobility data from smart sensors and traffic signals to facilitate real-time, data-driven decision-making. Its primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and safety of traffic systems, accommodating the dynamic nature of urban mobility.

AI-Powered Tools And Their Applications

Iteris offers a number of innovative AI-powered tools for improving the current and largely outdated transportation system:

  • Vantage Apex: This tool adjusts traffic signals in real time by analyzing traffic patterns and adjusting signals accordingly, which helps alleviate inefficiencies and enhances the flow of traffic.

  • ClearGuide: This is an AI-driven software that analyzes complex transportation data in the cloud to identify congestion points, analyze traffic trends and support data-driven planning.

  • ClearAsset: This tool uses AI for managing the Internet of Things (IoT) and electronic devices in transportation, focusing on predictive maintenance and efficiency of critical infrastructure.

Iteris’s Comprehensive Strategy In AI

Iteris's strategy for AI is all about integrating it into its entire system, aiming to make transportation safer, more efficient and more eco-friendly through AI by predicting and preventing accidents, managing traffic better and reducing emissions. It’s also leading in smart mobility, constantly researching and developing new AI tech for continued advancements by working with public agencies, media partners, mapping technology vendors and other commercial entities. Additionally, Iteris’s API-based technology platform supports an ecosystem of mobile applications, smart devices, connected vehicles, Bluetooth-enabled devices and roadside sensors to create practical, user-friendly solutions. The company’s focus is on keeping up with the latest trends and making sure its AI can grow and adapt to the changing needs of transportation. In short, Iteris is making big moves using AI to eliminate friction on the road and improve how we get around.

Smarter, Safer Transportation

If all goes according to plan, Iteris could have a significant impact on the evolution of transportation through its innovative use of AI. By integrating advanced technologies, it’s actively helping to reshape the landscape of mobility, focusing on smoother traffic flow and enhancing overall road safety. Ultimately, its strategy demonstrates the great potential of AI-driven improvements to our current infrastructure, even in seemingly unlikely areas like transportation.

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