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Your Inner Wisdom is Your Path to Wellness

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No person is immune to the human condition or suffering. Regardless of how much we think we know, life has a way of showing us our blind spots. This is when it becomes time to consider our psychological, physical, and total health from a different perspective than ever before. Sometimes it all hits the fan. We need to be shaken awake from autopilot in order to grow deeper into ourselves and find alignment. What can grow from the ashes of disaster and disease is the most unpredictable and profound of all. It can mean vibrant, resilient wellbeing. Many of us battle physical and psychological issues in our lives, detrimental to our wellness in almost every way. The truth of finding our way back to health has long been mystified; however, dear reader, I’m here to offer hope and lead you to the answers hidden deep within yourself.


As a professor of counseling and licensed mental health counselor, I work with clients to help them improve the mind-body connection and a variety of emotional and psychological issues. Everyone deserves to live with a sense of wellness and experience the limitless potential of body and mind to heal. You may be asking “how is that possible?” Using our inner wisdom and the natural connection of our mind and body, we can all achieve a healthier, happier, easier life.



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With Me All Along is available now wherever books are sold

Consider me your personal assistant, who researched, taste-tested, and tried countless healing approaches to get well. I wrote my new book, With Me All Along, to share my findings and cut to the true core of mental and physical health issues. Based on information gathered from my own experiences, doctors, healers, coaches, and my own clinical experience and education as a licensed therapist, I will help you renew your faith in the regenerative ability of the body, mind, and soul. Whatever you’re struggling with, I have tools and strategies to empower you, and I have great empathy and love for your path to wellness. You won’t take this journey alone.


First, we’ll examine the emotional and psychological causes of mental and physical challenges, which are driven by chronic stress, social environment, interpersonal relationships, traumatic experiences, and other difficult past events. With a clinical lens and foundation, we’ll reach the root of what you’re facing.


Second, you’ll learn about a functional medicine approach to psychiatry and whole-body wellness. We’ll look at the physical drivers of poor mental health, such as blood sugar, digestion, and the immune system, and explore simple lifestyle changes that can dramatically affect the brain’s ability to function well. Seeing the body as a whole with many parts that all interact and affect each other widens our perspective and propels us along the path to health!


Lastly, we’ll dive into significant, regenerating avenues through which you can finally feel connected to yourself again. These include spirituality, life purpose, connection, creativity, and fun! The mind, body, and soul are beautifully intertwined in a symphony unique to each individual. When we do not feel our best, each piece must be considered in its entirety. Allow me to guide you in increasing your awareness, creating opportunities for better health, and building a happier, more balanced life.


Most of all, remember that there is always hope. There are several things you can do to feel better and recover your physical and emotional health. You are exactly where you need to be today, in this moment. Healing starts with simple, small steps forward. Healing begins with wanting more for yourself.


With Me All Along is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere books are sold online. Learn more about my book on my website


About the Author

Katy Bosso is a professor of counseling and a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida in private practice. She holds a doctorate in counselor education and works with clients to overcome anxiety, depression, and relationship issues by helping them connect to their most authentic selves. Katy specializes in wellness, the mind-body connection, and how both help individuals thrive.


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