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3 Healthcare Stocks Insiders Are Buying

Healthcare stocks

Healthcare is a big business and one of few guaranteed to grow. The sector is expected to grow at a 10% CAGR for the next 2 years, at least with the longer-term outlook in the high-single-digits, and that will be spread across verticals and market cap. Today we’re looking at 3 stocks the insiders are buying and have the support of the analyst. 

Beyond Air Is The Most Bought By Insiders 

Ranking the stocks by insider activity, Beyond Air (NASDAQ: XAIR) scores #1. This stock has 7 insiders buying who’ve made at least 11 purchases recently and a string of them since the middle of 2022. Several directors make purchases, the CEO and COO and have total holdings up to about 14% of the company. This is on top of a 19% institutional ownership that has been growing over the past year. 

The analyst sentiment in this stock is exciting, but take that with a grain of salt. The analysts rate the stock a sold Buy with a price target more than 200% above the recent action, but the most recent commentary is about a year old. Beyond Air is a med-tech company focused on respiratory treatments. Its products include a line of respirators built to serve various specific functions, including nitric oxide generation from ambient air. The company is still in the pre-revenue phase but is expected to begin generating income this quarter. The results will vary widely from the analysts' consensus; the outlook for future sales and profitability will drive the market higher or not. 

Precigen Is A Penny Stock With A $10 Target 

Precigen (NASDAQ: PGEN) doesn’t have as many insiders buying, but it has enough to keep the market interested, and the analyst's support is robust. The 4 insiders buying have each made a single purchase that brought the total insider holding to nearly 45%, and the analysts are also buying. The analysts have this stock pegged at a firm Buy, and its ratings are current; less than a month old. The consensus price target is the exciting bit, it’s about 910% above the current action, and even the low price target of $6 assumes a high triple-digit upside.

Precigen is a biotechnology company operating in 3 segments; Biopharmaceuticals, Exemplar and Trans Ova. The Biopharmaceutical segment researches and develops synthetic treatments for various diseases, including gene therapies. The Exemplar segment offers research tools, and the Trans Ova is engaged in bovine reproduction technologies. 

Centene For Blue Chip Stability 

Centene (NYSE: CNC) is a blue-chip operator providing various services for the government. It operates in 4 segments: Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial and Other. It is expected to post industry-beating results this year, and the insiders are buying it. The company has 4 insiders buying, although total holdings are small at less than 0.5%. 

A high 94% institutional interest offsets the low insider ownership, and the institutions also buy. The institutional activity made a noteworthy spike in Q1 2023 which may indicate a high conviction for outperformance this year. The analysts are another bullish force in the market, rating the stock a Moderate Buy with a price target about 40% above the current action. 

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