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Inventions Oasis Brings Three Amazing Inventions that may be a game changer in modern day living

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Shaam P Sundhar, an avid inventor and the Princeton, New Jersey, USA Is the founder and president of Inventions Oasis, Inc, a 35-years old R&D company. He is also a former Professor of Electrical Engineering. Currently, he holds 16 granted patents and many are pending.

1) AquOgen

2) Kool Kween/Sav-A-Lot

3) Fast Freeze


Over the centuries, the level of oxygen in the atmosphere has reduced considerably from 38% to 21 % and is still going down. Unfortunately, our lungs have not expanded for greater volumetric absorptions of oxygen. Every cell in the human body needs an adequate amount of Oxygen for healthy functioning. Lack of it over prolonged periods weakens the immune system, fatigue, depression and other maladies. The main culprit for lesser Oxygen is the destruction of its source that is trees and larger forests. It is a common practice to inhale supplemental oxygen to alleviate jet lag, hangover syndrome and other ailments.

There are more than 29,000 Companies all around the world who are making and selling “Sports Oxygen Cans”. Each costs from $6.00 to $29.00 depending on the size. People who are health conscious such as sports athletes, doctors, airline pilots and people who are knowledgeable about the lack of Oxygen are regular customers. But a man on the street may not know about this, yet. The use of supplemental Oxygen in 2022 is similar to the use of bottled water in the 1980’s. Today the water bottle business has grown from Zero to $17 Billion. Similar things will happen to Oxygen usage. 

There are thousands of ‘oxygen bars’ opening in Europe, Japan, and the USA every year. People visit these bars to breathe pure oxygen for a few minutes, just like they visit internet cafes. It is predicted that these oxygen bars will far exceed the McDonald’s franchises.

AquOgen is a superior alternative for healthy living. This is just like a normal disposable water bottle with two separate compartments – one for mineral water and one for breathable oxygen.

This is ‘one of its kind’. The bottle can hold about 3 liters of enhanced Oxygen at a pressure similar to that of a Coke or Pepsi can. This amount of oxygen is good enough to hold up to 35 breaths (inhales). This low-pressure oxygen container is safe to carry in any passenger aircraft.


Sav-A-Lot / Kool Kween

In coffee gourmet shops, such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc, there are usually 3 vacuum flasks for whole milk, skim milk and half & half. Customers go through the hassle of unthreading their preferred milk thermos and pour into their cup. Sometimes customers may pour MORE milk than intended and sometimes EVEN they may drop the flask thus creating a mess. When there is no milk in the flask when a customer yells then a worker hurriedly brings the 1.0 Gallon milk Jug which is stored in the refrigerator at the back and fills up the flask. Gallon jugs are most economical and almost all businesses and homes buy these jugs.

All the flasks ne Kool Kween ed thorough cleaning at least once a day.

Sav-A-Lot / is an answer to these hassles. It prevents several steps each time one has to take to add the milk to their cup or bowl. This slim attractive Stainless steel refrigerated device is easy and simple to use. Refrigeration is done by a NASA-developed Cooling Solid State Chip. No Compressor, condenser, etc. Once all the milk is dispensed then just discard the container. Milk never touches any part of the device. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CLEAN. The store-bought 1.0 Gallon economical milk jug is inserted directly after changing its Cap with the supplied custom-made Cap. The jug is inverted and inserted into this slick Stainless-steel device.

Sav-A-Lot is for commercial use. It has 3 Milk Dispensers one for each Whole Milk, Stik Milk, and half & half. On top of it has 3 types of LOOSE sugar dispenser: Regular, Splenda, and Equal. It gives push-button convenience to customers while dispensing milk or sugar.

On the top of the lid, there are three stainless-steel containers that are fixed at equal distances. Each of these containers has a button. By pressing the button, a measured amount of selected loose sugar dispenses into the coffee cup. To ensure the free flow of the sugar, an auger is placed at the center of each sugar container so that it rotates and facilitates the easy flow.

THE BIGGEST SAVING FOR THE BUSINESS ARE IN NOT PURCHASING THE PACKAGED SUGAR AS THEY DO. One pound of loose sugar costs less than $2.00. But the same pound of packed sugar costs $15.00 (Google). On the avg, each Star buck dispenses 485 Cups of Coffee per day per store. Also, it prevents almost 30% pilferage of people stealing packaged sugars. No wonder the Coffee cost so much! Fortunately, nobody can steal loose Sugar. Besides, it is boxed. Saving in Sugar alone is equal to $500 / month ($3,000.00 in SIX months – Its purchase price). GUARANTEED IN WRITING.

The MSRP of Sav-A-Lot is $2,995.00 (all 6 dix dispensers) Cost in mass assembly is a small fraction of this MSRP.

Kool Kween is a single type of refrigerated milk dispenser used in homes or offices. This can be placed next to a coffee maker or a Serial dispenser as it leaves a small footprint. This attractive small footprint device provides most convenience to users. No more opening the refrigerator door to fetch the milk each time somebody needs the milk. No need to juggle with a one-gallon milk container, either.

Fast Freeze – 

Another Invention is called “Fast Freeze”. Microwave Ovens are for instant heating. There is nothing in the world for instant cooling. Now we have one Fast Freeze. This Cools a Beverage like Juice / Water bottle from room to refrigerator temp in 3 minutes.
In addition to much-needed convenience, it is totally a green product. How?
When a person drinks cold beverages then he/she wants a cold temp for about 10 minutes. If this is the case then it is a mere waste to maintain its cold temp for days and weeks in storing it in a refrigerator (Common Practice). The compressor has to frequently work to keep the cold temp. Not only a waste of energy but also refrigeration space. Say Tomato is on sale and if you buy bulk where you are going to store it if beverages are stored in the refrigerator?
Whenever someone desires to drink a Cold beverage, then just pop-it-in Fast Freeze & press a button is that simple.

About Invention Oasis, Inc.

Invention Oasis, Inc (IOI)was started by Shaam P Sundhar, Ph.D., a retired Electrical Engineering professor who lives in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a University Town, famous for Einstein. Dr. Sundhar started this R&D company when he was 29 with a motto – Find a hurt, heal it. Find a need, fill itTM.

IOI offers these and other unique products which are badly needed to solve the existing problems in the world.

To learn more about these products, drop us an email at: OR write to: Inventions Oasis, Inc., 6 Tall Timbers Drive, Princeton, NJ – 08540 USA OR call 1-401 – 743 6085

Please visit to know more about the company and other information.

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