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Danimer Scientific Reveals New Branding and New Applications Based on PHA During NPE 2024

Danimer Scientific, Inc. (NYSE: DNMR) (“Danimer” or the “Company”), a leading next-generation bioplastics company focused on the development and production of PHA biopolymers, is unveiling new commercial applications and branding during NPE 2024, North America’s largest plastics tradeshow, taking place this week in Orlando, FL.

A more perfect polymer™ takes center stage at NPE 2024. Danimer’s signature PHA, Nodax®, represents a more perfect polymer revolution. PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) are naturally made polymer chains, and at Danimer we harness microbes as tiny reactors to make our biopolymers, using canola oil as the renewable feedstock. The resulting PHA can be used to replace conventional plastics in uses from straws to lids, from coffee pods to flexible packaging, and from paper coatings to adhesives. With full PHA production capability in place, Danimer is poised for significant growth with commercial partners for several applications, including cutlery, flexible food packaging and paper packaging barrier coatings.

Microbes, not Microplastics™ enables a new future for packaging items. Danimer is committed to offering solutions to address plastic pollution and the proliferation of microplastics. It is all about the microbes, both during origination and biodegradation. Microbes produce our PHAs, and microbes biochemically recycle our PHAs, whether in industrial compost, home compost, soils, fresh water or the marine environment.

Because a large class of microbes present in natural systems readily identify PHAs as a food source, there is no threat of residual microplastics. Our PHA grades are third party certified to fully biodegrade under various conditions, with the added benefit of no ecotoxicity concerns, PFAS or regulated metals. That makes Nodax a more perfect polymer™ for our planet.

Our PHA is here today, gone tomorrow.

Danimer has invested in the first of its kind commercial production facility in Winchester, KY to bring PHAs to the global market. This capacity is here today, and being consumed in numerous new applications that can be found across the market in North America. WinCup’s phade® straws are rapidly becoming the new choice for restaurants, coastal cities and even coral reef restoration projects. Bolthouse Farms launched a new carrot package with Danimer PHA at Meijer stores in early 2024. Development of new solutions for flexible packaging, cutlery and lids are expected to launch in the next six months. The great thing about all these packaging and food service uses is that they are gone tomorrow, meaning they will biodegrade in compost or if they mistakenly leak into the natural environment.

More perfect partnerships are the key to success Danimer has developed long term research & development and commercial partnerships with many brands, and we continue to seek new partners to help launch PHA solutions. Stop by our NPE booth at S27027 to see our partner wall and all of the new commercial applications in person.

About Danimer Scientific

Danimer is a pioneer in creating more sustainable, more natural ways to make plastic products. For more than a decade, its renewable and sustainable biopolymers have helped create plastic products that are biodegradable and compostable and return to nature instead of polluting our lands and waters. Danimer’s technology can be found in a vast array of plastic products that people use every day. Applications for its biopolymers include additives, aqueous coatings, fibers, films and injection-molded articles, among others. Danimer holds more than 480 granted patents and pending patent applications in more than 20 countries for a range of manufacturing processes and biopolymer formulations. For more information, visit

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