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Traffic Congestion Cost The U.S. $81 Billion In 2022 - America’s Roadways Need Better Management, And Rekor’s (NASDAQ: REKR) AI Could Be The Solution

COLUMBIA, MD / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2023 / - One of the primary goals - and biggest challenges - of Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) is managing a good response time to traffic disruptions and incidents safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, managing roadway events has become increasingly challenging due to limited staffing, outdated technology and an overwhelming amount of fragmented data from multiple sources.

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The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that car accidents caused the deaths of 42,915 individuals in the U.S. in 2021. Globally, 3,700 individuals lose their lives each day due to car accidents. While some degree of accidents is unfortunately inevitable, a faster response time to emergency accidents and quicker return to normal traffic patterns can help with fatality rates as well as prevent secondary accidents from occurring as a result of traffic disturbances.

Rekor Systems (NASDAQ: REKR), an AI technology company, has launched its new Rekor CommandTM platform to assist with faster and more effective response times to accidents. The AI-driven roadway intelligence platform provides real-time and comprehensive insights to DOTs and TMCs about the events disrupting their roadways. Rekor's Command platform uses proprietary AI algorithms and technology to transform raw roadway and mobility data into actionable insights, facilitating fast and accurate incident detection by integrating data from multiple roadway data providers into a single source of truth.

Rekor is leveraging its already existing roadway intelligence engine, Rekor OneTM, to train the Rekor Command™ AI model to understand what is typical and expected on the roadways so that the AI model can quickly point out anomalies. Rekor One™ processes the data collected from third-party data sources like crowdsourced data, proprietary data capture, and existing infrastructure information and transforms it into usable insights.

Rekor Command™ is able to take those insights and deliver them in an easy-to-use dashboard, or feed the information directly into existing platforms that TMCs are using, which allows TMC agents to quickly confirm and mitigate disruptions -- clearing the roadways of the event. The real-time information then goes back into the AI model and is immediately used to learn and adapt to future situations. Rekor Command™ has proven to increase the detection time of accidents up to 20 minutes faster, and it identifies 32% of unique accidents.

Improving accident response time is crucial to getting people the immediate medical attention they need, as well as preventing secondary accidents. Secondary accidents occur when the roadways are congested due to a primary accident. The additional congestion caused by the primary accident contributes to irregular traffic conditions that increase the risk of a secondary accident. With Rekor Command™, TMC agents can quickly and effectively alert first responders to the primary incident, returning traffic patterns to their normal flow faster.

In 2022, U.S. traffic congestion resulted in the average driver spending 51 hours in traffic, which equates to approximately $869 in lost time. Additionally, the average driver spent $134 more for fuel in 2022 than in 2021. Improving roadway efficiency not only has safety benefits but economic ones as well.

"Rekor Command™ paves the way for the digitization of infrastructure and redefines how cities, states, and municipalities can approach intelligent roadway management for the 21st century," said David Desharnais, President and COO, of Rekor. "Our platform uniquely collects and connects the world's mobility data and provides unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence to its users, helping transportation professionals make more informed data-driven decisions that can improve safety, efficiency, and ultimately the lives of citizens. We are excited to help DOTs achieve their mission-critical objectives and make it simpler to navigate the ever-evolving transportation landscape."

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