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Author’s Tranquility Press Soars to New Heights: ‘Winds of Eruna, Book II: A Flight of Dragons’ by Kathy Hyatt Moore

Author's Tranquility Press Soars to New Heights: 'Winds of Eruna, Book II: A Flight of Dragons' by Kathy Hyatt Moore
Prepare for an Epic Flight with Dragons, Magic, and Unfolding Destinies in Eruna

"Author's Tranquility Press Soars to New Heights: “Winds of Eruna, Book II: A Flight of Dragons” by Kathy Hyatt Moore". Prepare for an Epic Flight with Dragons, Magic, and Unfolding Destinies in Eruna.ark on a thrilling adventure as "Winds of Eruna, Book II: A Flight of Dragons," by Kathy Hyatt Moore, takes flight. Eruna, a world once ruled by dragons, faces a new threat as an enormous black dragon, ominously named "Death," unleashes terror under the control of the disfigured former Wind Dancer, T'ardis Morrenaire. The destructive force of dark magic and revenge sets the stage for a journey filled with danger, separation, and the unyielding spirit of those determined to protect their world. 

A Reign of Terror Unleashed: 

Eruna, once home to dragons, witnesses the return of destructive forces. The black dragon "Death," ridden by the vengeful Morrenaire, becomes a harbinger of chaos. Morren's alliance with Saarnak, the demonic ruler of the Void, raises the stakes, threatening the Eight Realms and Cliffside School with an undead army. As the shadows of revenge and dark plans unfold, heroes emerge to face a menace that could reshape the destiny of Eruna. 

A Perilous Journey: 

Lynette and Joran, life-mates with their infant daughter Aerielle, return to Cliffside School to warn of the impending attack. Accompanied by friends Kevar, Hanoera, Ooloo, her grandfather, clan warriors, and three Malakand, their journey is fraught with disaster and painful separations. As they navigate through challenges, the fate of Eruna hangs in the balance, and bonds are tested amidst the unfolding tragedy. 

Dark Plans and Unseen Forces: 

Morren's quest for revenge intertwines with Saarnak's malevolent plan to escape the Void into Eruna. Lynette's father, Mattern, the Royal Consort, joins the group, searching for his daughter while facing the consequences of severed ties with the High Matriarch. New alliances, friendships, and the enduring power of love emerge in the face of adversity. 

Continuing the Saga: 

In this captivating continuation of the Winds of Eruna saga, Kathy Hyatt Moore weaves a tale of intrigue, tragedy, knowledge gained, and love that defies the odds. As destinies entwined and unfold, the universe braces for the impact of Saarnak and his demonic hordes. 

About the Author: 

Kathy Hyatt Moore invites readers to soar to new heights in the fantastical world of Eruna. Her storytelling prowess creates a universe where dragons, magic, and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants come to life. 

Exploring the Book:

Embark on an epic journey with "Winds of Eruna, Book II: A Flight of Dragons," available on Amazon. Kathy Hyatt Moore beckons you to witness the flight of dragons, the clash of magic, and the resilience of those who stand against the tide of darkness. 

Witness the unfolding of destinies in the skies of Eruna. Kathy Hyatt Moore's “Winds of Eruna, Book II: A Flight of Dragons” promises a breathtaking flight filled with magic, peril, and the unwavering spirit of those who dare to defy the darkness. 

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