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The Liver Guardian: Unveiling the Efficacy of Milk Thistle in Liver Protection

In recent years, various health products such as antioxidants, liver protection, and detoxification have been frequently seen on platforms like Amazon and in social commerce circles. For individuals frequently engaged in overtime work, liver protection becomes a significant concern. There's a component called milk thistle that is reputed to have liver-protective effects. Experts are sought to confirm whether milk thistle indeed has such benefits, and if there are reputable brands, recommendations would be appreciated.

In various work environments, colleagues have received diagnoses of abnormal liver function during health examinations, and a notable number of young men have been found to have fatty liver. The potential effectiveness of milk thistle in liver protection has prompted the purchase of various related health products.

However, after using milk thistle for a period and going back to the hospital for reexamination, some people showed improvement in liver function indicators and fatty liver, while others did not see much improvement. Some even experienced occasional stomach pain after taking it, and the most troublesome issue was the appearance of eczema on the skin.

Does milk thistle really work? Why is the effect so "random"?

Who should not take it? Is there a solution?

Before delving into these questions, it's essential to understand what milk thistle is.

What is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), also known as water thistle, is a plant of the Asteraceae family that can be both consumed as food and used as medicine. It was originally mainly distributed in the Mediterranean region, and it also grew in parts of Russia, North Africa, and Asia Minor. Due to extensive cultivation, it is now widespread worldwide.

In the heyday of the Roman Empire, Greek doctors and philosophers, including Galen, praised milk thistle as a beneficial herb for liver health. As people's understanding of it has deepened through research, milk thistle is not only used for treating liver diseases but is also widely used for various other conditions.

The liver-protecting effects of milk thistle (silymarin) can be summarized in three aspects:

1. Promoting the regeneration of liver cells. Liver cells have the opportunity to regenerate after damage.

2. Stabilizing the cell membranes of liver cells. Silymarin can act as an antioxidant, clearing oxidative metabolites in the body, thereby stabilizing cell membranes and protecting liver cells.

3. Reducing cell inflammation reactions, alleviating inflammatory damage to liver cells, and preventing fibrosis of liver cells.

As mentioned at the beginning, the efficacy of milk thistle itself varies, so many people claim that it does not have much effect for them. Especially many women hesitate to use milk thistle, mainly due to concerns about hormone-related issues.

With the development of technology, besides milk thistle liver protection tablets, there are actually more advanced and safer liver protection products on the market. Many innovative cellular-level ingredients, such as inositol, PQQ, are more scientific, safer, have identified mechanisms of medicine, and their combined effects are more powerful.

In the irregularities of daily lives filled with overtime and late nights, office colleagues often share health experiences and recommend various dietary and health products.

Recently, a colleague mentioned a relatively new brand over the past two years – a dietary nutritional supplement brand named ESTHELIV from the US. According to her, the effectiveness was quite good, and she recommended it to the group.

ESTHELIV Research Power - LIVER - Liver Cleansing Pills

One noteworthy aspect is the combination of PQQ and inositol. After careful research, these components seem truly impressive.

PQQ's formal name is pyrroloquinoline quinone. Like the well-known niacinamide, PQQ is also a coenzyme, widely present in microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans. It is crucial for the growth, development, and reproduction of various organisms.

Mitochondria are important sites for our body's aerobic respiration and energy production. PQQ's effectiveness is mainly due to its intricate connection with mitochondrial metabolism, participating in the "life" of mitochondria: from generation, reproduction, growth to aging. PQQ is an essential nutrient for the human body, and breast milk also contains rich PQQ.

PQQ is well-known for its liver-protecting effects. It can effectively inhibit the oxidation reactions of free radicals, protect mitochondria from oxidative stress-induced lipid peroxidation, protein carbonylation, and inactivation of the respiratory chain. At the same time, it brings new life to mitochondria, promoting the generation of new members and giving liver cells more vitality. Moreover, PQQ not only protects the liver but also purifies it, deeply eliminating the culprit’ of liver damage, free radicals. It can emulsify fat, reduce the burden on the liver, and relieve anxiety, reduce fatigue, and help improve energy.

Here, it's important to mention inositol, which, when combined with PQQ, can achieve a synergistic effect where 1+1>2.

Inositol's structure is similar to glucose and is present in various tissues of animals and plants, playing important roles in cell membrane composition, cell signal transduction, phospholipid synthesis, and energy consumption.

Inositol has various isomers. The inositol commonly encountered in nutritional supplements is generally D-chiro-inositol and myo-inositol. Research has shown that inositol can regulate blood pressure, reduce systolic and diastolic pressure, benefiting hypertensive patients. At the same time, inositol can accelerate cellular metabolism in the body, allowing the liver to metabolize excess fat more quickly and regulate lipid levels.

ESTHELIV Liver Detox Capsules is beneficial to the liver because it contains both PQQ and inositol. It also improves energy, making it a good choice for middle-aged men with fatty liver, those who often need to socialize and consume alcohol, or those who often stay up late, order takeout, and have a high-fat diet of fried chicken, beer, and barbecue.

From a brand perspective, it is a cellular-level anti-aging brand origin from the United States.

The research team it is also very strong, collaborating with top research teams both domestically and internationally, and their several studies have already obtained invention patents.

Due to the demands of work, there are instances of working long hours, essentially reversing the day and night. During busy periods, attention to diet diminishes, and takeout becomes a common choice. Particularly in the past two years, there have been instances of frequent fatigue and insufficient sleep, leading to a diagnosis of mild fatty liver. However, the concern is limited as the cause and solution are clear.

Subsequently, measures have been taken to control the diet, reduce social obligations, engage in exercises, and find a suitable supplement, namely ESTHELIV. Over time, various indicators gradually returned to normal.Liver protection is a long-term commitment. Choosing a liver protection product that suits oneself is crucial, and relying solely on product is definitely not enough. It requires a combination with healthy lifestyle habits. Even the best health supplements won't be effective if one stays up late every day, consumes oily food, and has an imbalanced diet. Developing good habits, such as avoiding staying up late and participating in regular exercise, is essential.


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