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Author’s Tranquility Press Presents: “Dawn’s Gray Steel: A Novel about Shiloh April Fifth Through Eight 1862” by Daniel F Korn

Author's Tranquility Press Presents: "Dawn's Gray Steel: A Novel about Shiloh April Fifth Through Eight 1862" by Daniel F Korn
A Riveting Tale of Courage, Conquest, and the Shattering of Illusions

Author's Tranquility Press invites you to embark on a journey back in time to the epicenter of a pivotal moment in American history. "Dawn's Gray Steel" by the masterful author Daniel F Korn is now available on Amazon.

While countless novels have illuminated the Eastern theater of the Civil War, Daniel Korn breathes life into the dramatic saga of the western theater's first major battle. It was a titanic struggle, an encounter of two vast and ill-prepared armies meeting on the tranquil shores of the mighty Tennessee River, at a humble riverboat landing named Pittsburg Landing. A stone's throw from the water's edge nestled the Shiloh Meetinghouse, a house of worship with a name that belied the cataclysmic events that would forever alter its meaning. Shiloh, once a place of peace, would be forever associated with war.

The Stage is Set:

As "Dawn's Gray Steel" unfurls its narrative tapestry, the South grapples with the painful losses of Tennessee forts Henry and Donelson, along with the capture of the state's capital, Nashville, by the victorious Western armies of the North. Ulysses S. Grant emerges as a formidable hero, known far and wide as "Unconditional Surrender" Grant. To put an end to the Northern juggernaut, the Confederacy turns to the charismatic and quixotic Albert Sidney Johnston, a figure some regard as the Confederacy's greatest military mind. Jefferson Davis entrusts Johnston with the task of rescuing the Western theater.

It falls upon Johnston's shoulders to halt Grant's unbroken string of victories, a mission he accepts with unwavering determination. Victory has bestowed fame upon Grant, leading to a complacency that prompts him to camp his relatively inexperienced Army of the Tennessee along the Tennessee River with minimal defensive measures. However, one of Grant's division commanders, the cigar-chomping and wide-eyed William Tecumseh Sherman, harbors deep anxiety about this relaxed posture. Grant dismisses Sherman's concerns, assuring him that Johnston would be irrational to attack their position. Little do they know the storm that awaits them.

A Riveting Historical Epic:

"Dawn's Gray Steel" is more than just a novel; it's a portal to a bygone era, where the fate of a nation hung in the balance, and the clash of ideologies reverberated through the land. Daniel F Korn's meticulous storytelling recreates the drama, valor, and the harrowing human experiences of this watershed moment in American history.

Join us in rediscovering the Battle of Shiloh through the pages of "Dawn's Gray Steel." Available now on Amazon, this gripping narrative promises to transport you to a time when courage and determination could shape the destiny of a nation.

About the Author:

Daniel F Korn is a gifted storyteller with a passion for illuminating the lesser-known chapters of history. "Dawn's Gray Steel" showcases his dedication to bringing the past to life and reminding us of the enduring resilience of the human spirit.

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