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Blackboxstocks Launches $2.5 Million Share Buyback Program; Could Remove Over 30% Of Shares From Trading Float (NASDAQ: BLBX)

Blackboxstocks (NASDAQ: BLBX) is doing everything right. Thus, despite its shares trading lower in sympathy with broader market declines, expect it to bounce back with bullish fervor once the bulls regain the market reigns. It has a pattern of doing so. During the past two months, BLBX has experienced massive bullish swings, trading higher intraday by more than 25% at times. Not only that, a tightly held accumulation of its roughly 3.6 million trading float, and a newly minted $2.5 million share buyback program, could fuel a short-covering rally that sends BLBX prices well past its public offering price of $5.00 per share. That puts at least a 50% surge in its crosshairs from current levels. And more than an attractive capital structure to enhance a squeeze, BLBX's operating results justify one.

BLBX has been positing record-setting results and is expected to continue that trend when it publishes its Q4 results later this quarter. Guidance and sneak-peeks have already set that expectation, with November revenues and subscriber growth hitting the high end of expectations. December totals, Q4 results, and revenue generating tailwind into Q1 of 2022 are not likely to disappoint, either. The better news for those on the long side of the trade is that by every measure, BLBX is better positioned than ever to assault its 52-week high of $8.00 reached last November. If so, a more than 220% increase could be in play faster than many expect. Keep in mind the most critical part of that eye-popping assumption is that BLBX can justify the move. And with $2.5 million allocated to its share buyback program, which could theoretically reduce the trading float by more than 30% at current prices, investors may be better positioned than ever to benefit from a near term push higher.

But, buying back undervalued shares is only the tip of the iceberg for BLBX and investors to take advantage of a valuation disconnect. There are plenty more reasons to like the investment proposition.

Best-Ever Operating Results Make A Powerful Statement

The biggest is that after completing a $12 million public offering, uplist to a senior NASDAQ market, and reaching the highest paid subscriber base in its history, the BLBX share price offers more than an attractive value proposition; it shows a compelling one. And it's supported by consecutive growth, not a one-off return. 

Last month, BLBX guided that November should score its highest-ever levels of recurring revenue and cash receipts with an expected 45% -50% increase over the same period last year. The better news is that about 67% of that record-setting revenue came from the sale of annual subscriptions. Not only that, management expects to benefit from a revenue-generating tailwind into December and all of 2022. That's likely, especially with a BLBX balance sheet at its strongest point ever and several near-term initiatives to drive already impressive new subscriber growth to a much higher level. 

Thus, weak markets aren't exposing a weakness in BLBX. Instead, they reveal a massive valuation disconnect between BLBX's share price and its intrinsic value. Hence, being distracted from what BLBX is getting done and instead focusing on NASDAQ's weakness may cause investors to overlook just how strong BLBX actually is. The details are in the public domain. 

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Bullish Proposition Is Justified

And not only is it easy to connect the dots to justify a higher valuation, but BLBX also makes its bullish case easy to understand. Moreover, historical price action shows that when BLBX provides updates, markets respond in kind. That was evident after BLBX shares surged by over 24% after announcing its highest paid subscriber base ever, surpassing the 6,000 user threshold for the first time ever. The jump exposed two things. First, short-sellers, especially when market conditions are favorable, are quick to cover on company news. Second, the most valuable contributor to sustainable growth, organic growth, is accelerating, causing long positions to hold shares tighter. But, while two bullish drivers are good, three is better. And with several announcements expected in the coming days and weeks, even in a bear market, the path of least resistance for BLBX shares should be higher. 

That's a more than likely assumption. Keep in mind BLBX has started its most ambitious marketing campaign ever to drive user adoption to new heights. It's a campaign they expect will get its industry-best trading platform in front of and into the hands of thousands of new traders by the end of this quarter. Frankly, considering what they have done without aggressive marketing, adding thousands of new subscribers is entirely within reach. Moreover, with the imminent listing of the Blackboxstocks platform to iOS and Android app stores, expected this quarter, it's more than a reachable goal; it could be achieved sooner than many expect.

Remember, listing into those two app stores will allow the Blackboxstocks platform to reach at least 99% of its target audience. Add to that an expected million-dollar combined marketing campaign to showcase the BLBX advantages; converting retail investors to a platform that offers professional-grade features may be easier done than said.

Capitalizing On Retail Trading Boom

Keep in mind, too, BLBX isn't targeting a market not asking for better tools. Instead, they are focused on meeting unprecedented demand from a retail trading market that wants a level playing field. It's a market that retail-trading platform Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) exposed and helped develop. And while its stock has been getting pounded since its 2021 IPO, they deserve credit for disclosing the need for a platform allowing more efficient and cost-effective trading options for retail investors. Now, more players are seizing the same opportunity that HOOD targeted. But, while the democratized trading movement exposed a need, not every company has what it takes to meet market demand. BLBX does.

But, more than taking advantage of the move, BLBX wants to lead it. And its industry-best partnerships and platform functionality certainly have the juice to make that happen. In fact, BLBX is already taking market share from one-time dominant players that helped develop the market but are late implementing new and better technology to improve their platforms. Their lack of response, or ability, is helping BLBX expedite its mission to earn a sizable piece of a multi-billion dollar prize.

Notably, BLBX isn't taking its mission to deliver the most valuable trading tools to investors lightly. In addition to its industry-best platform, they established working partnerships with industry giants to create a deliverable unrivaled by any competing app or platform.

TradeStation is one to notice.

BLBX Platform Enhanced By TradeStation

However, more than notice its value to enhance an already great platform; appreciate what it can do BLBX stock. More specifically, from a client and investor's perspective, BLBX is creating value from a product that can't be duplicated. That's excellent news for BLBX investors and platform users, as both groups inherently benefit from the combined powers and features that a TradeStation/BLBX delivers. Moreover, it's important to note that the working relationship with TradeStation does more than enhance an already comprehensive platform; it validates it.

Not only that, the integration with TradeStation created a working platform with resources once reserved for only professional traders. It's so powerful that it's been described as a transformative trading tool that levels the investment landscape for retail traders by providing real-time information, market insight, and lightning-fast trade execution. It goes beyond those advantages, too.

The BLBX platform is the only known financial technology and social media hybrid providing real-time proprietary analytics for stock and options traders of all levels. That combination has led users to go beyond describing the platform as "transformative," with some referring to Blackboxstocks as a Robinhood platform on steroids. Several reasons why stand out.

Unrivaled Functionality Made Simple

The biggest is that the combined Blackboxstocks/TradeStation platform does much more than facilitate trades. While indeed providing that function, it also goes well beyond the expected. A core feature is that the combined BLBX/TradeStation platform offers users a Quick-Click feature that loads proprietary automated alerts for options contracts through a simple two-click process. That feature saves traders critical time on order entry and execution with lightning-fast execution speed. Still, there's much more to appreciate.

Users also get a dual benefit from real-time Blackbox trading alerts and from TradeStation's discounted trading rate with no ticket fee to Blackbox members using the Quick-Click feature. Thus, investors save the two most valuable assets in trading, time and money. But, there's more to keep user attention.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the platform is that it uses the most current technology, including AI, to do almost all of the pre-trade legwork for its users. And it does so with speed and precision, running thousands of scans at a millisecond pace to provide users proprietary options alerts or options flow data. But not only does it find trade opportunities, but it also sets it up to execute as well. Once an optimum trade is scored, users only need to click the mouse on the highlighted trade button to run orders at speeds usually reserved for institutional traders. Thus, while the working relationship with TradeStation has been called transformative for BLBX and helped create a "platform on steroids" for stocks and options investors, it can be a game-changer to build portfolio value.

That didn't happen by accident.

Lightning-Fast Speed And Compelling Content

It's a result of having lightning-fast processes and unparalleled detail at the user's fingertips. That comes from embedded technology continuously scanning the NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, CBOE, and all other options markets, analyzing over 10,000 stocks and up to 1,500,000 options contracts multiple times per second. In addition to that professional-level performance, the BLBX platform also provides users a fully interactive social media platform integrated into a user-friendly dashboard, enabling them to exchange information and ideas quickly and efficiently through a shared network. In simpler terms, BLBX helps facilitate a chat room with a shared interest to make money. 

One of its most attractive features is that it can instantly level the investment playing field for novice traders. Moreover, the real-time shared chat feature is a perfect tool for retail investors who want to follow more seasoned investors' trades. In other words, the social aspect of the BLBX platform provides a way for traders to invest alongside more savvy ones through its live audio/video feature. That feature allows members to broadcast on their own channels to share trade ideas, making the BLBX platform ideal for trading communities. Best of all, it provides the entire group the simultaneous benefit to leverage knowledge, speed, and access to real-time information.

And for BLBX investors, it led to record-breaking Q3 performance, a surge in subscriber levels in Q4, and a revenue-generating tailwind into 2022 that makes investment in BLBX stock a timely consideration.

Expecting A Growth Spurt In 2022 

Actually, taking a sum of its parts makes BLBX more than a timely consideration; it makes the investment proposition compelling. Remember, fundamentally, BLBX is better positioned today than at any time in its history to create potentially exponential shareholder value in both the near and long term. Substantiating that claim, BLBX has its highest ever cash balances, best ever subscriber levels, and consecutive record-setting performances in 2021 that bring a considerable tailwind into Q4 and 2022. Thus, while a combination of macro events may have contributed to a lower BLBX share price, knowing it's not company-specific should comfort existing and contemplating longs. 

Moreover, while past performance isn't an indicator of future success, guidance is valuable, especially from companies that habitually meet it. There, BLBX is checking all the right boxes and comfort can be taken there as well. Thus, the combination of proven growth with a well-defined path forward provides BLBX investors ample reasons to consider the stock at values that appreciably undervalue its current intrinsic and inherent long-term value. Better yet, as markets get close to reaching fair value, a bump higher in the broader averages is likely. Hence, keep Blackboxstocks on the watch list. Better still, keep the investment trigger ready for action. After all, they not only deserve to ride market coattails higher, they probably will.


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