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                                   FORM 8-K

                             EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

     Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported):  October 31, 2006

                        Commission File Number 0-14112

                         JACK HENRY & ASSOCIATES, INC.
            (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

                       Delaware                              43-1128385
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                663 Highway 60, P.O. Box 807, Monett, MO 65708
                                (417) 235-6652
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 ITEM 1.01.  Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement

 On October 31, 2006, the stockholders of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.  (the
 "Company"),  acting  at their  annual meeting,  approved the  Company's 2006
 Employee Stock Purchase  Plan (the  "Plan").  The  summary of  the Plan  set
 forth in this Item  1.01 is qualified  in its entirety  by reference to  the
 Plan,  a copy of which is  filed as exhibit 10.29  to this Current Report on
 Form 8-K and incorporated herein by reference. All definitions not otherwise
 defined in the following summary of the Plan are set forth in the Plan.

 The purpose of  the Plan  is to  provide employees  of the  Company with  an
 opportunity to  purchase  shares  of the  Company's  Common  Stock,  thereby
 linking the interests of employees and stockholders.  One million shares  of
 the Common Stock are authorized for purchase under the Plan.  If the  number
 of issued shares of the Common Stock  increases or decreases due to a  stock
 split, reverse stock split, stock dividend, combination, reclassification or
 any other increase or decrease in the  number of shares of the Common  Stock
 without receipt  of  consideration by  the  Company, the  number  of  shares
 available for purchase under the Plan, and the price for any shares  subject
 to outstanding options, shall be proportionately adjusted.

 The Plan is administered by the Board of Directors or a committee  appointed
 by the Board  which consists  of members  of  the Board.  The  Board or  the
 committee has full  and exclusive discretionary  authority to interpret  the
 provisions of the Plan, determine eligibility and adjudicate disputed claims
 under the Plan.

 Employees of the Company, including employees of the Company's  wholly-owned
 subsidiaries and other subsidiaries as designated  by the Board (other  than
 stockholders who, immediately after the grant of any option under the  Plan,
 would own or have the right  to acquire 5% or  more of the Company's  common
 stock) are eligible  to participate under  the Plan if  (i) their  customary
 employment with the Company is at least twenty hours per week and more  than
 five months in any calendar  year, and (ii) they  have been employed by  the
 Company for at least one year.  Employees' eligibility is determined  on the
 enrollment date for each offering period.

 Offering periods begin on  the first trading  day which is  on or after  the
 16th day of each calendar month, and end on the last trading day which is on
 or before the 15th day of the following calendar month.  A trading day is  a
 day on which  national stock exchanges  and the Nasdaq  system are open  for
 trading.  The Board of Directors can change the duration of offering periods
 for future offerings at  least 15 days prior  to the scheduled beginning  of
 the first offering period to be affected.

 Payroll deductions for participants begin on the first payday following  the
 enrollment day.  Participants select payroll deduction rates in whole dollar
 amounts or  whole percentage  of compensation,  not less  than $10  per  pay
 period, and not greater  than 10% of total  W-2 compensation during the  pay
 period.  The payroll deduction rate elected by a participant is  irrevocable
 during  the  offering  period,  and  remains  in  effect  until  changed  or
 terminated  by  the  participant.  Participants  may increase,  decrease  or
 discontinue their  payroll deductions  for  subsequent offering  periods  by
 filing a change  or withdrawal form  with the Company  at least 10  business
 days prior to an enrollment date.

 When a participant enrolls in the  Plan, the participant receives an  option
 to purchase  shares of  the Common  Stock on  the last  trading day  of  the
 offering period at 95% of the fair market  value of the shares on that  day.
 The number of shares a participant  will be able to purchase will  generally
 be equal to the payroll deductions during the offering period divided by the
 purchase price per share and will  include fractional shares (to the  fourth
 decimal place).  The Plan limits each participant's share purchases in order
 to stay within the Code's $25,000 per year purchase limitation (based on the
 fair market value of the  shares on the first  day of the offering  period).
 The fair market value of the  common stock for a given date is equal to  the
 closing sales price (or, if no sales were reported, the closing bid) for the
 immediately preceding trading day on The Nasdaq Stock Market, as reported in
 The Wall Street Journal or such other source as the Board deems reliable.

 A participant may terminate participation in the Plan as of the first day of
 any offering period by filing a change or withdrawal form with the  Company.
 The participant's payroll deductions  will continue through  the end of  the
 offering period  in which  the form  is  filed, and  those amounts  will  be
 applied to the purchase of shares of the Common Stock in accordance with the
 terms of the Plan.  As soon as administratively practicable thereafter,  the
 participant will receive a stock certificate for the number of whole shares,
 and a cash payment equal to the  fair market value of any fractional  share,
 credited to the participant under the Plan.

 The Board  of  Directors  may amend  or  terminate  the Plan  at  any  time.
 However, amendments to the Plan to increase the number the number of  shares
 available for purchase require stockholder  approval.  Generally no  changes
 affecting existing purchase rights  may be made without  the consent of  the
 affected participants.  However, the Board  may amend the Plan in the  event
 that the Board determines that the ongoing operation of the Plan may  result
 in unfavorable financial accounting consequences.

 ITEM 5.03.  Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws; Change in
             Fiscal Year

 On October 31, 2006, the Board of Directors of the Company approved  certain
 amendments to the Company's Restated and Amended Bylaws.  Notice  provisions
 in Sections 2.4 and 3.5 of the Bylaws were amended to reflect changes in the
 technologies used  to deliver  notices,  and  to reflect  changes in related
 Delaware law.  Section 3.5  was  also amended to  clarify the  power of  the
 chairman of the board  of directors to call  special meetings of the  board.
 Article VII  of the  Bylaws was  amended to  implement a  book-entry  direct
 registration system, which allows shares of stock to be owned, reported, and
 transferred electronically without the need for physical stock certificates.
 The amendments became effective upon adoption.  The Company's  Restated  and
 Amended Bylaws, as amended and restated, are attached hereto as  Exhibit 3.2
 and are incorporated herein by reference.

 ITEM 9.01.  Financial Statements and Exhibits

 (d)   Exhibits.

 Exhibit 3.2    Restated and Amended Bylaws of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.,
                as amended and restated October 31, 2006

 Exhibit 10.29  Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. 2006 Employee Stock Purchase


 Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
 registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
 undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

                                    JACK HENRY & ASSOCIATES, INC.

  Date: November 6, 2006            By:  /s/ Kevin D. Williams
                                    Kevin D. Williams
                                    Chief Financial Officer