Washington, D.C. 20549

                                    FORM 10-Q

(Mark One)

     OF 1934

     For quarterly period ended December 31, 2000


Commission file number -001-14889

                           TRADING SOLUTIONS.COM, INC.
             (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

            Nevada                                        880425691
            ------                                        ---------
(State or other jurisdiction of                (IRS Employer Identification No.)
incorporation or organization)

200 Camino Aguajito, #200, Monterey, California                     93940
-----------------------------------------------                     -----
(Address of principal executive offices)                          (Zip Code)

Registrant's telephone number, including area code:           (831) 375-6229

Indicate  by check  mark  whether  the  registrant:  (1) has filed  all  reports
required by Section 13 or 15 (d) of the  Securities  Exchange Act of 1934 during
the  preceding 12 months (or for such  shorter  period that the  registrant  was
required to file such reports),  and (2) has been subject to such filing for the
past 90 days. __X__Yes No

The number of shares of the  Registrant's  Common Stock,  $.001 par value, as of
December 31, 2000 was 2,861,000 outstanding.

                         PART I - FINANCIAL INFORMATION

Item 1. Financial Statements.

                                 BALANCE SHEET
                           December 31, 2000 and 1999
                        (See Accountant's Review Report)

                                                        2000                 1999
                                                        ----                 ----

Current assets
   Cash in bank                                         $          23,382    $         15,312
   Other receivable                                                 1,695
   Prepaid rent                                                                            78
        Total current assets                                       25,077              15,390

Furniture and equipment
   Equipment                                                        2,606               2,206
   Furniture                                                          916                 600
                                                                    3,522               2,806

   Accumulated depreciation                                          (576)               (132)
                                                                    2,946               2,674

              Total assets                              $          28,023    $         18,064


Current liabilities
   Accounts payable                                     $           1,372    $          2,500
   State corporate tax liability                                                          800
        Total current liabilities                                   1,372               3,300

              Total liabilities                                     1,372               3,300

Stockholders' equity
   Common stock, 20,000,000 shares authorized at
        a par value of .001.  2,861,000 outstanding                28,610               #REF!
   Paid in capital                                                207,380               #REF!
   Retained earnings                                             (209,339)              #REF!
        Total stockholder's equity                                 26,651               #REF!

        Total liabilities and stockholder's equity      $          28,023    $          #REF!

                            STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS
                   For the nine months ended December 30,2000
                and from date of inception to December 31, 1999
                        (See Accountant's Review Report)

                                                                 2000                1999
                                                                 ----                ----
Income                                                           $        11,363     $         1,625
   Advertising                                                             6,931               3,740
   Accounting fees                                                        10,580               4,500
   Bank charges                                                              120                 104
   Consulting fees                                                        43,600              39,504
   Compensation expense                                                                       34,000
   Depreciation                                                              400                 132
   Education                                                                                   1,995
   Management fees                                                                             5,000
   Miscellaneous                                                             153               6,902
   Office supplies                                                         2,256               4,529
   Postage                                                                   659                  66
   Promotions                                                                                    514
   License and taxes                                                         180               1,765
   Legal fees                                                              6,560              11,981
   Organizational costs                                                                          896
   Rent                                                                    2,700               2,189
   Telephone                                                               2,490               1,639
   Travel                                                                 15,209               2,581
        Total expenses                                                    91,838             122,037
        Loss from operations                                             (80,475)           (120,412)
Other (expenses)
   Interest                                                                    0                 (14)
        Loss prior to income taxes                                       (80,475)           (120,426)
Income taxes
   State corporate tax                                                         0                 800
        Net loss                                                 $       (80,475)    $      (121,226)

Loss per common
   share                                                         $         (0.03)    $         (0.05)

Weighted average of shares outstanding                                 2,785,295           2,668,169

                           December 31, 2000 and 1999
                        (See Accountant's Review Report)

                                Common Stock                  In                             Retained
                           Shares           Amount            Capital                        Earnings         Total
                           ------           ------            -------                        --------         -----
September 30, 1999         #REF!            $         #REF!   $          #REF!                    (99,580)    $        #REF!
November 23, 1999          2,000                         20      980                                                   1,000
November 29, 1999          2,000                         20                980                                         1,000
December 3, 1999           20,000                       200              9,800                                        10,000
December 9, 1999           2,000                         20                980                                         1,000
December 13, 1999          10,000                       100              4,900                                         5,000
December 20, 1999          20,000                       200              9,800                                        10,000
December 21, 1999          6,000                         60              2,940                                         3,000
Net loss per period                                                                                 #REF!              #REF!
Total                      #REF!            $         #REF!   $          #REF!               $      #REF!     $        #REF!


March 31, 2000             2,760,000          $      27,600     $      107,390               $   (128,864)    $        6,126
June 26, 2000              35,000                       350             34,650                                        35,000
July 18, 2000              21,000                       210             20,790                                        21,000
July 19, 2000              3,000                         30              2,970                                         3,000
July 21, 2000              25,000                       250             24,750                                        25,000
August 1, 2000             13,000                       130             12,870                                        13,000
August 4, 2000             2,000                         20              1,980                                         2,000
November 21, 2000          2,000                         20              1,980                                         2,000
Net loss per period                                                                               (80,475)           (80,475)
                           2,861,000          $      28,610     $      207,380               $   (209,339)    $       26,651

                  For the nine months ended December 31, 2000
                and from date of inception to December 31, 1999
                        (See Accountant's Review Report)

                                                                                2000              1999
                                                                                ----              ----
Net income                                                                      $    (80,475)     $        #REF!
Adjustment to reconcile net income to net cash
    provided by operating activities
    Depreciation                                                                         400               #REF!
    Compensation expense                                                                                 34,000
   (Increase) Decrease in other receivable                                            (1,519)
   (Increase) Decrease in prepaid rent                                                                      (78)
    Increase (Decrease) in accounts payable                                                1               2500
    Increase (Decrease) in taxes payable                                                                    800
NET CASH PROVIDED BY OPERATING ACTIVITIES                                            (81,593)              #REF!
    Purchase of furniture and equipment                                                  716              2,806
NET CASH USED IN INVESTING ACTIVITIES                                                                       716              2,806
    Sale of common stock                                                             101,000            101,990
    Short term borrowing                                                                                  3,000
    Payment of short term borrowing                                                                      (3,000)
NET CASH REALIZED FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES                                          101,000            101,990
INCREASE IN CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS                                                 18,691              #REF!
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period                               4,691                  0
CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS                                                       $     23,382      $      15,312
    Supplemental disclosure of financing activities
         Interest paid during the period from date of
         inception to June 30, 1999                                                               $          14

                       Trading Solutions.Com, Incorporated
                          Notes to Financial Statements
                           September 30, 2000 and 1999


     Nature of the  business  - Trading  Solutions.Com,  Inc (the "Company")  is
     designed to provide  education for people  interested in on line investing.
     The Company  also  intends to  establish a  corporate  trading  account and
     manage  money.  The  Company  further  intends to  establish  or acquire an
     e-commerce business to link with the trading school.

     Development  Stage  Company - In the prior  fiscal  year the  Company was a
     development stage company, as defined in the Financial Accounting Standards
     Board  No. 7. The  Company  devoted  substantially  all of its  efforts  in
     securing and  establishing  a new business.  During the first six months of
     the current fiscal year, the Company commenced operations.

     Persuasiveness  of estimates - The  preparation of financial  statements in
     conformity  with  generally   accepted   accounting   principles   requires
     management  to make  estimates  and  assumptions  that affect the  reported
     amounts of assets,  liabilities  and  disclosure of  contingent  assets and
     liabilities  at the  date of the  financial  statements  and  the  reported
     amounts of  revenues  and  expenses  during the  reporting  period.  Actual
     results could differ from these estimates.

     Cash and cash equivalents - For financial statement  presentation purposes,
     the Company  considers all short term  investments  with a maturity date of
     three months or less to be cash equivalents.

     Property  and  equipment - Property  and  equipment  are  recorded at cost.
     Maintenance  and  repairs are  expensed as  incurred;  major  renewals  and
     betterments are  capitalized.  When items of property or equipment are sold
     or retired, the related costs and accumulated depreciation are removed from
     the accounts and any gain or loss is included in income.

     Depreciation is provided using the  straight-line  method,  over the useful
     lives of the assets.

     Income   taxes  -  Income  taxes  are  provided  for  the  tax  effects  of
     transactions  reported  in the  financial  statements  and consist of taxes
     currently due plus deferred taxes related primarily to differences  between
     the  recorded  book basis and the tax basis of assets and  liabilities  for
     financial and income tax reporting. The deferred tax assets and liabilities
     represent the future tax return  consequences of those  differences,  which
     will either be taxable or deductible when the assets and liabilities are



     Income taxes (con't)

     recovered or settled.  Deferred  taxes are also  recognized  for  operating
     losses that are available to offset future taxable income.

     Stock options  -Stock that is issued for services  rendered are recorded at
     the fair  value  of the  stock in the  year  that  the  stock is given  and
     recorded as an expense in the same year.


     The Company was  incorporated  under the laws of the State of Nevada on May
     14,1999. The principal activities of the Company, from the beginning of the
     development stage, have been organizational matters and the sale of stock.


     The  following  is a summary of fixed  asset  classifications,  accumulated
     depreciation  and  depreciable  lives for the Company at September 30, 2000
     and 1999.

                               Useful life
                               Years                  2000            1999
                               -----                  ----            ----
Computer equipment              5                     $     2,606     $    2,206
Office furniture               10                             916            600
Total                                                       3,522          2,806
Accumulated depreciation                                     (526)           (88)
Net equipment and furniture                           $     2,996     $    2,718

Depreciation  expense for the six months ended  September  30, 2000 was $350 and
1999 the expense was $88.


     Founders stock - At incorporation  the Company issued stock to the founders
     of the corporation.  These shares totaled  2,495,000 shares and were issued
     for  consideration  of $.001 per  share.  Proceeds  from  these  sales were



     Stock options - At the organizational  meeting of the board of directors it
     was  voted on to issue  stock  options  of the  Company's  common  stock to
     certain  officers of the  corporation,  a key employee of a non  affiliated
     company and the non affiliated  company.  These options are to be exercised
     at $.10 a share and have an  expiration  date of December 31,  2002.  These
     options are callable at $.02 per share by the Company with a 30 day notice.
     A total of 85,000  shares  were voted on for the  options  of which  60,000
     shares of the options were  exercised  Prior to September  30, 1999.  Total
     proceeds  from these sales were  $5,500.  The fair market value at the date
     the  options  were  granted  was $.50 a share.  Therefore,  the Company has
     recognized $ 34,000 in compensation  expense for the period ended September
     30, 1999.

     Public  stock  offering - During the period ended June 30, 1999 the Company
     sold solely to accredited and/or sophisticated  investors its common stock.
     Each share had a par value of $.01 a share and was offered to the investors
     at $.50 a share.  The stock was sold during various times during the period
     from date of  inception to  September  30, 1999 to 30  different  investors
     buying a total of 120,000 shares of common stock. Total proceeds,  from the
     offering, as of the period ended September 30, 2000 were $60,000.

     Initial Public  Offering - During the six-month  period ended September 30,
     2000,  the Company  initiated  a public  stock  offering  of three  hundred
     thousand of its common shares. As of September 30, 2000 $99,000.00 had been


     The benefit for income taxes from  operations  consisted  of the  following
     components: current tax benefit of $26,250 resulting from a net loss before
     income  taxes,  and a deferred  tax  expense of  $26,250  resulting  from a
     valuation  allowance recorded against the deferred tax asset resulting from
     net operating losses. Net operating loss carryforward will expire in 2014.

     The  valuation  allowance  will  be  evaluated  at the  end of  each  year,
     considering  positive and negative evidence about whether the asset will be
     realized.  At that time, the allowance will either be increased or reduced;
     reduction  would result in the  complete  elimination  of the  allowance if
     positive evidence  indicates that the value of the deferred tax asset is no
     longer required.



     The Company  entered  into an  agreement  with one of its  shareholders  to
     provide  assistance  to the  Company  in  the  formation  of its  corporate
     structure and to use their contacts in assisting with the  development of a
     public market for the Company's  common stock.  The agreement calls for the
     shareholder  to be paid a total of $22,000  of which  $2,000 and $5,000 was
     paid for the periods ended  September 30, 2000 and 1999.  The Company is to
     further  provide  support  services  such as  office  space  and  telephone
     services for which the Company will be billed  separately.  Total cash paid
     for these  additional  services as of September 30, 1999 was $1,465.  There
     were no amounts paid to this shareholder for the period ended September 30,

     The Company  also entered into an  agreement  with another  shareholder  to
     provide consulting  services to the Company.  This agreement totals $30,000
     of which  $13,000 and $10,300  was paid as of  September  30, 2000 and 1999

     There is an agreement with one of the founders to provide support  services
     to the Company.  This agreement has a maximum of $10,000.  The total amount
     paid, as of September 30, 2000 and 1999 was 3000 and $6,500 respectively.


     Management has made all material adjustments to the financial statements to
     be conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.


     From the date of  inception  the Company  has yet to  commence  receiving a
     material  amount of revenue  and has net losses from  operating  activities
     which  raise  substantial  doubt  about its  ability to continue as a going

     Management  will work to establish a local market niche for each one of its
     trading  schools by  advertising  in local  newspapers  and radio.  This is
     intended to create public awareness of the Company's name and its services.

     Management  also intends to affiliate  with  professional  traders to teach
     online  classes and  seminars in real-time  broadcasting.  The Company also
     intends to continually invest in its web site  infrastructure as needed for



     upgrades,  incorporation  of new  features and keeping up with the changing
     internet technology.  The Company will establish an on line store that will
     offer literature such as books, newspapers and newsletters that will target
     online investors.

     In order to attract and retain  quality  instructors  the Company  plans to
     grant each  participating  instructor the  opportunity to be promoted on an
     exclusive basis by the Company's web site.

     The Company's  ability to continue as a going  concern is dependent  upon a
     successful public offering and ultimately achieving profitable operations.

     There is no assurance that the Company will be successful in its efforts to
     raise additional proceeds or achieve profitable  operations.  The financial
     statements  do not  include  any  adjustments  that might  result  from the
     outcome of this uncertainty.


Item 2. Management's  Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results
     of Operations.

     The Net sales for the third  quarter  that  ended  December  31,  2000 were
$11,363,  compare to $1,625 from the corresponding period of the prior year. For
the nine month period ended  December 31, 2000,  the company has  experienced  a
599% increase in net sales from the corresponding period of the prior year.

     The  company is in the  process of  introducing  its  services to the local
community  at its first  location  in  Monterey,  CA.  The  management  has been
actively  exploring a possible  opportunity  of opening a location in San Diego,
CA. The Company  believes that a central city location will promote  better name
recognition and will increase sales.

     The  company  will  continue  providing  its  services  through its trading
school, and will continue developing its web based operations.

     Loss from operations  prior to other expenses and taxes for the nine months
ended December 31, 2000 was $80,475  compared to $120,426 for the  corresponding
period in 1999. The increase in the gross margin from the  corresponding  period
of the  prior  year  is  principally  attributable  to the  company's  marketing

     Advertising,  general and administrative  expenses were $91,838 for the for
the  nine  months  ended  December  31,  2000,  compared  to  $122,037  for  the
corresponding  period  in 1999.  These  expenses  decreased  due to the  Company
getting further along in its development.

     The company is in the process of adding new services and product lines. The
company will continue to sell its services in Monterey,  California and evaluate
possible new locations.

     The  company  anticipates  that its  marketing  and  operating  costs  will
increase because of changes to its marketing and business development.

     The  company  has been a  development  stage  company for the past year and
therefore  has not felt the effect of  inflation.  Should  prices  increase  the
company will have to increase  its cost of sales.  There is a question as to the
Company's viability. It is classified as a development stage company and has yet
to demonstrate profitable operations.

Item 3. Liquidity and Capital Resources.

     As of December 31, 2000, the company had a cash equivalence of $25,077. The
capital  resource  available  came from the company's IPO offering.  The Company
sold 101,000 shares for total proceeds of $101,000.

                           PART II - OTHER INFORMATION

Item 1. Legal Proceedings.

     As of December 31, there has been no legal proceedings taking place, nor do
we foresee anything like that in the fourth quarter.

Item 2. Changes in Securities.

     As of December 31, there has been no change in securities  since  September
30, 2000.

Item 3. Defaults Upon Senior Securities.

     There has been no material default in the payment of principal, interest, a
sinking or purchase fund  installment,  or any other material  default not cured
within 30 days.  There has been no other material  delinquency that has occurred
within 30 days.

Item 4. Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders.

     There was no meeting  held in the third  quarter  of 2000.  There will be a
board meeting called in March of 2001.

Item 5. Other Information.

     There is no other information to report at this time.

Item 6. Exhibits and Reports on Form 8-K

     There are no exhibits or forms to submit at this time.

                                 Signature Page

     Pursuant  to the  requirements  of  section  13 or 15(d) of the  Securities
Exchange Act of 1934, the Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on
its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

                                                     Trading Solutions.com, Inc.
Dated: February 12, 2001
                                                           /s/ Natalie Shahvaran
                                                     NAME:     Natalie Shahvaran
                                                           TITLE:      President