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Why Pit Cleaning Is Essential to Your Car Wash Business

Why Pit Cleaning Is Essential to Your Car Wash BusinessPhoto from Unsplash

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Any successful carwash will accumulate dirt and grime over time as customers clean debris from their cars on your site and drive away feeling fresh. Unfortunately, this means that the gunk left behind is your responsibility—and it can’t just be flushed down the drain.

The job of a pit cleaner is to safely and effectively remove mud, dirt, and other materials that come off vehicles from your car wash pit so they don’t enter and contaminate the water system. Pit cleaning is a significant job that needs to be completed properly.

The waste that collects in the pit of your car wash will need to be emptied and disposed of by a professional team like %COMPANY%. Understanding how often you should clean your car wash pit, why it’s important, and what you can expect during the process is essential information for any car wash owner.

How Often Should You Clean Your Car Wash Pit?

If you’re a busy car wash business that sees at least a few dozen cars daily, our experts recommend cleaning your car pit at least once every three to four months. If you go through a busy period or experience a string of exceptionally filthy vehicles, completing this task more often may be in your best interest.

What Are the Signs You Need Car Wash Pit Cleaning?

If you experience foul odors coming from your pit or notice leaks or backed-up pipes, you may be due a cleanup sooner, and we encourage you to call us!

Why Is Cleaning Your Pit So Important?

Cleaning your car wash pit regularly is essential to your facility’s safety and smooth functioning. Here are a few reasons why:

Preventing Backups

If a car wash pit is left too long without proper cleaning, the pipes will eventually back up and start to leak. When this happens, you could have a real mess on your hands. Backups also prevent your system from functioning properly and will eventually affect the efficiency of your business, which can, in turn, affect your reputation and bottom line.

Environmental issues

Car washes collect pollutants that can pose significant risks to the natural environment.

Such pollutants include:

  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Toxic metals
  • Chlorine
  • Ammonia
  • …and more

Without proper and regularly scheduled waste disposal, these materials are more likely to spill out into the land surrounding your car wash, affecting wildlife and nearby neighborhoods and businesses.

Do your duty and protect the land around you by partnering with a professional car wash pit cleaning company.

Keeping Your Pit in Tip-Top Shape

A car wash can be an expensive business to open or maintain, so you want to ensure you’re protecting your investment. By scheduling pit cleaning regularly, you’re helping it stay in great shape and function smoothly for many years.

Why Trust an Expert for Car Wash Pit Cleaning?

While car wash owners have been known to clean their car wash pits themselves, we don’t recommend it. Car wash pit cleaning can get messy, and the last thing you want is sludge and debris to be slung around your facility. Unprofessional pit cleaning could lead to more cleaning in the long run, halting business operations and preventing your clients from receiving the services they’re looking for.

A certified wastewater management team will have the tools and know-how to clean your car washing pit quickly and efficiently without causing further issues. Also, we’ll ensure the waste is disposed of responsibly and legally, providing you with a certificate to prove to regulatory bodies that you did your due diligence.

The Dangers of DIY Car Wash Pit Cleaning

Cleaning your pit yourself and dumping waste can be a more significant risk for you and your business than you think. In most states, this is illegal, and you could face substantial fines and risk your business being shut down for good. Be sure to hire a team who knows the job in and out, ensuring your waste is disposed of responsibly and without risk of liability.

What to Expect From Car Wash Pit Cleaning

If you’re the new owner of a car wash or if you’ve cleaned your own pit in the past, you may be wondering what you can expect from professional pit cleaning services, and our experts would be happy to break down the process for you.

We recommend that you start by scheduling pit cleaning at a quiet time of day so your business isn’t impacted too much. Alternatively, our team could come by after hours or on days you’re not open.

We start by hooking our state-of-the-art vacuum truck to your car wash pit. This reliable machine uses high-powered suction to suck out dirt and debris from the pit, collecting it in a large container on our truck. Once the sludge is collected, we take it from your business and dispose of it at the appropriate waste treatment facility.

The process should take no more than a few hours to complete and will allow you to get back to serving your community quickly.

How Much Does Car Wash Pit Cleaning Cost?

The cost of car wash pit cleaning can vary widely based on factors such as location, the size and complexity of the car wash system, the amount of sludge to be removed, and the specific services required.

Here are some general guidelines on the costs:

  • Basic cleaning: Basic cleaning services typically involve pumping out water and removing lighter sludge and debris for smaller or less complex pits. These services are the most affordable.
  • Comprehensive cleaning: For larger or more complex systems, especially those requiring the removal of heavy sludge, oil, or contaminants, costs can range higher.
  • Additional services: Costs may increase if additional services are required, such as environmentally safe disposal of hazardous materials, high-pressure washing, or sanitation treatments.
  • Frequency of cleaning: Regular maintenance can reduce costs over time. Car washes that schedule regular cleanings may negotiate lower rates than those requiring emergency or infrequent services.

Get multiple quotes from local service providers to find the most competitive price and to ensure all necessary services are included.

Does Your Car Wash Pit Need to Be Cleaned? Call in a Pro

Offering a service like car washing to your community is important. Vehicle owners turn to you when they want to maintain their valuable cars, and you want to make sure you’re ready to serve them with perfectly maintained facilities.

If you’re ready to schedule a car wash pit cleaning with %COMPANY%, give us a call. If you have any questions about the service, such as pricing, procedure, or scheduling, feel free to direct them to our team.

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