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The tech company, Neom Blockchain Technologies released its cryptocurrency on BitMart exchange.

NEOM Blockchain Technologies presented the prototype of NEOM VR Kit which will be used by users for metaverse

NEOM VR Kit prototype

Metaverse is a new development in technology industry which got everyone excited

Metaverse with VR kit

NEOM VR Kit will allow users to enter metaverse

NEOM Blockchain Technologies (BitMart:NEOM)

TALLINN, ESTONIA, February 10, 2022 / -- World is moving to a computerized and digitized phase. Back in the days, when technology was not advanced as much as today, the technology of today would seem impossible to the most of us. But thanks to the latest developments in technology, even the most unimaginable is possible. After the invention of computer and internet, everything about technology just skyrocketed in a very short period. Even some of the world population is still not familiar with some of the smart technology that has been invented 20 years ago. And the new exciting development in technology is now metaverse.

With the help of blockchain our recognition of money and physical assets did a 180 degree turn. This turn is about to go on a whole new level with the impact of metaverse and NEOM Blockchain Technologies is determined to carry the flag about metaverse and VR kits. The company announced that they signed an agreement with one of the VR leaders of the industry. Because of the privacy of the agreement for both sides, they are not able to announce the name of the famous VR manufacturer company but the company left a hint and said the VR manufacturer is also partnered with some of the titans of technology industry, such as Huawei, HTC, China Telecom and Skyworth.

NEOM Blockchain Technologies also published a prototype video of the NEOM VR Kit. NEOM VR Kit will allow its users to enter the metaverse. They will be able to interact with other metaverse visitors, join the metaverse events and even design their 3D visual designs on metaverse and sell them on NFT marketplaces in metaverse. The company stated that while being able to do regular things on metaverse they also want to focus on education, tourism and professional qualification trainings in metaverse. With the help of this newly developed technology, field trips for students will be more accesible with low costs. Education in metaverse is also very exciting because kids tend to learn by visuality and a digital universe around them will attract the students' attention way more better than traditional education methods.

Professional qualification trainings in metaverse is also another interesting matter that the company proposes. In order to objain jobs people have to participate in these trainings and earn their certificates but as some of us know these trainings cost a lot as financial damage and as leftover wastes after these trainings and qualification exams with today's methods. If company can provide what they offer in metaverse, these expenses would decrease greatly and also would create an oppurtunity for the people who has not access to qualification trainings and exams.

What about going for a hike on Mount Rushmore in your living room? Or climb the Mount Everest in your bedroom? Perhaps a visit to Eiffel Tower? Just with the amazing visualisation power of VR kits in metaverse, all of these are possible. What they do basically is, carrying the physical world into the online world. They scan the designated area with 3D cameras and integrate it into the online landscape with 3D techniques and of course with a lot of architectural detail. With the help of the NEOM VR Kit you will be able to visit places around the globe while you are in your house.

In addition to education and qualification trainings, the NEOM VR Kit will also be available for playing PC and console games. The advanced integration and structure of the NEOM VR Kit, gamers will not play but live the game. Handle parts of the NEOM VR Kit has every control in order for gamers to participate in the game and feel the real sensation of being able to connect with the game.

In addition, Neom Blockchain Technologies stated that they are grateful to all their supporters for the intense interest shown in the New Earth Order Money (NEOM) cryptocurrency traded on the BitMart exchange since January 6 and that they have prepared various surprises in the coming days for all users who show interest in the pre-sale process and the cryptocurrency exchanges. They already announced their staking campaigns for investors to benefit from. You can check out their staking campaigns on their official websites which we added down below.

You can follow the announcements and news about the NEOM VR Kit and NEOM Blockchain Technologies on the website. You can also follow the company on social media Twitter account, and the Instagram account in order to keep up with them.

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NEOM Blockchain Technologies Presents NEOM VR Kit

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