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CELFULL Introduces Celfavor(R) Microparticle Technology, Transforming Conventional Drug Delivery Systems

CORAL SPRINGS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2024 / In May of this year, CELFULL unveiled its latest scientific breakthrough-Celfavor® Microparticle Technology (U.S. Patent No.: US 11744804B2). These microparticles, with diameters ranging from 250 to 350μm, can be aptly termed "nano-microparticles." This revolutionary technology significantly enhances the stability of active ingredients and improves the efficiency of drug absorption.

Celfavor® Microparticle Technology represents a milestone innovation by the CELFULL research team. It employs an encapsulation technique to create a novel drug delivery system. This system consists of a soluble microparticle outer layer made from polymer materials that encapsulate nano-sized, multi-core active ingredients. The Celfavor® Microparticle Technology effectively isolates the internal active ingredients from external air, moisture, and light, while remaining unaffected by gastric acid. This ensures stability, offers sustained-release functionality, and dramatically improves the bioavailability of the active ingredients. The technology not only protects the stability of the active ingredients but also achieves highly efficient and precise drug delivery, making it especially suitable for reactive compounds such as certain nutritional supplements and medications.

Breakthrough Innovative Structural Design

The application of microparticle technology in drug delivery systems involves various structural forms, such as single-core with a wall material, multi-core with insoluble wall materials, and multi-core with soluble wall materials. By utilizing AI technology to predict and conduct high-throughput experiments on the encapsulation effects of different wall materials, CELFULL's Celfavor® Microparticle Technology ultimately adopted the "multi-core + soluble wall material" structure, which demonstrated the best absorption efficiency.

This multi-core structure significantly increases the contact area between the active ingredients and the intestines, thereby markedly enhancing absorption efficiency. The soluble wall material ensures complete release of the active ingredients without residues, further improving absorption.

Significant Advantages of Microparticle Technology

CELFULL's Celfavor® microparticles can maintain the stability of components sensitive to light, oxygen, and high temperatures, improving the physical properties of these active ingredients. With the support of AI technology, CELFULL's Celfavor® microparticles also exhibit targeted release and sustained-release properties, greatly enhancing production efficiency.

Based on in-depth research into the mechanisms of aging, CELFULL has identified numerous valuable anti-aging ingredients. However, these ingredients are often highly reactive, presenting significant challenges in their application. NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is one such example. As an endogenous natural active ingredient that delays human aging, NADH is extremely sensitive to conditions like temperature, light, oxygen, moisture, and pH, requiring special protection to maintain its biological efficacy. Unprotected, powdered NADH must be sealed, stored dry, and kept at -20℃, which limits its application.

CELFULL previously developed the first-generation NADH stabilization technology, the "four-layer coating technology," which ensured NADH stability but still had room for improvement in dosage form, formulation, and sustained-release aspects.

The AI multi-target anti-aging research institute of CELFULL applied Celfavor® Microparticle Technology to NADH, developing Celfavor® NADH microparticles. This successfully addressed issues of NADH instability, low bioavailability, and uncontrolled release rates.

The application of CELFULL Celfavor® Microparticle Technology extends far beyond NADH, being widely applicable to vitamins, coenzymes, peptides, and more. CELFULL can now rapidly provide customized solutions through AI predictions of the physical properties of different substances.

CELFULL continually upholds high standards in research strength and innovation with a challenger mindset. The launch of CELFULL Celfavor® Microparticle Technology is a significant breakthrough in technological innovation and an important manifestation of its relentless pursuit of excellence and technological advancement.


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